Arnold Classic Australia Kyokushin 2020

The Arnold Sports Festival is a massive sporting event held in different countries across the world. Started and still attended by fitness icon and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger this event provides a platform for all sports to display their attributes to the general public on a scale many sports never have the opportunity to enjoy.

Kyokushin Karate has been represented each year since the Arnold Classic first came to Australia in 2015. The Kyokushin event has shown itself to be the premier event of the Martial Arts each year providing massive crowds to compete in front of and showcasing some of the most exciting fights Australia has seen.

With the huge assortment of sports and displays going on over the weekend and the attendance of the best fighters from all the organisations, this is definately one of the most exciting Kyokushin events in the country.

We look forward to seeing you there in the true spirit of Kyokushin and invite you to encourage all applicants of any age or ability to be a part of this great opportunity for Kyokushin to shine.


The Arnold Classic Australia Kyokushin is organised by Shihan Maria Rich and Sensei Peter Rich of Melbourne but is made possible by the many dojo operators from all around Australia and also from overseas who travel to Melbourne to compete in the event and to help officiate and conduct the competition.


Registration is open via online here.


The competition is open to people from all styles and has divisions for people of all ages and all levels from beginner to elite. Complete information about categories here.

Event Details