Young Oyama Cup 2019

This year’s fourth edition of the Young Oyama’s Cup kumite tournament will take place on Saturday – October 19.


  • Jarosław Remus
  • Kyokushin Bydgoszcz Karate Club


  • the tournament is intended for all contact karate players, in previous editions representatives of various Kyokushin organizations took part but also representatives of Oyama Karate, TSW and MMA friendly clubs
  • the tournament will be played in kata and kumite semi-contact competitions
  • the age of the competition is directed to children and young people up to 18 years old
  • from year to year the number of participants is growing, in 2018 256 players from 24 clubs started
  • in the opinion of the participating trainers, the tournament is of a high organizational and sporting level
  • thanks to the acquired sponsors (this year there will be even more), all medalists received, among others impressive cups and material prizes
  • technically efficiently conducted tournaments ended around 6pm, electronic service was facilitated by televisions announcing players getting ready and starting ladders were announced 3 days before the tournament. This year we anticipate new attractive innovations in the technical support of the tournament
Event Details