We are kyokushin karatekas, probably like you, who want to make known our karate and its related events.

We created this community, KyokushinEvents (KE), to gather the most Kyokushin outstanding events of every country and organization. Due to the huge number of countries and events, we focus on European events, although not ruling out significant outside events.

Of course! You can add an event, no mather if you are the organizer or not. You can do this by clicking the button "Add event" located in the main page.

Once we receive your form with all the information related to the event, we will publish it in 1 or 2 days on our website, and we will also publish it on our social networks later.

Yes, you can add any event completely free of charge. All we ask is to shout your Kiai loudly while training 🙂

We want anyone to add their events and thus grow our community and become a reference page where to find the events of Mas Oyama style.

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If you have any other doubt, please contact us.

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